Dearest Friends,

Bunnies By The Bay has a delightful bunny charm which is part of our Hareytale. You’ll find it printed on our hangtags, signs and packaging.  It’s simple, sweet and fun to repeat. 

Bunnies are our best friends, indeed! They do delight and give glad dreams. This began when the fishermen of Cricket Island told their children, before going out to sea: "If you are ever in trouble, say this charm three times and leave a bunch of carrots as a thankful token. Help will come!"

Our family believes in this charm because help came to us when we asked and it always comes from someone and somewhere we least expect help. We three sisters truly love what we do and why we do it, but most importantly, who we do it for… wee ones who need to feel safe, secure and loved. 


Glad Dreams,

Suzanne, Krys & Jeanne-Ming

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