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Sales Representatives

Territory Sales Managers

Shannon Burch: shannon@bunniesbythebay.com

Keri McCrea: keri@bunniesbythebay.com


Outside Sales Reps

Darrah: 1-800-741-6614

Toy Service: 214-742-8888

Sunshine Toys: 800-827-9593

Summer Place: 770-444-0776

Toy South: 423-304-5204

Ketz: 952-932-7148

Gary Pratt: 508-495-2822

Gilfesky Group: 1-800-225-9456

Taylor's Montage, Randy Taylor: 517-231-6851

Taylor's Montage, Cathy Taylor: 517-231-2895

Kinfetti: 888-543-5869