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100488: Blossom Dot Bunny Buddy Blanket

Sale price$29.95

MSRP $29.95


    • 16" length
    • easy to snuggle, has satin lining 
    • Embroidered details
    • Baby safe
    • 100% polyester
    • Machine wash and dry low heat

      Big 16" size for cuddling with a super-soft bunny head and arms with handcrafted, baby-safe embroidered face details and adorable polka dot lined ears. The split blankey design in snuggly pink and white polka dot velour is designed for safe and easy snuggling. Lined and edged with silk pink satin and finished with our signature three carrot tag that every baby will undoubtedly explore with their little fingers, our security blankets are a must-have comfort for baby. Sure to become a best friend for your little one, the difference is in the details.


      • Parent Approved and Recommended Baby Security Blanket
      • Stuffed Animal, Baby Lovey and Best Friend In One
      • Super Soft, Multiple Textures for Tactile Development and Soothing
      • Hand Embroidered, Baby Safe Details
      • Split Baby Blanket Design for Safety
      • Can Ease Separation Anxiety
      • Machine Washable for keeping baby safe and clean

      Sold in packs of 4

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        Blossom Dot Bunny Buddy Blanket-Lovey - Buddy Blanket-SKU: 100488 - Bunnies By The Bay
        100488: Blossom Dot Bunny Buddy Blanket Sale price$29.95