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104475: Great Big Bruce the Moose

Sale price$92.95

Available:  The Week of September 30th
MSRP $92.95
  • 20" (51cm)
  • Plastic eyes
  • Bigger Size to Love and Hug
  • Soft and Soothing Brown Fur with Lovable Antlers
  • Star of the Camp Cricket Collection
  • A Wonderful Stuffed Animal for Bigger Hands to Hold
  • Recommended 3+ Years of Age
Now bigger and better than ever! Come on, who wouldn’t love to hug this HUGE guy?  Bruce the Moose is super soft fur in warm taupe with acorn brown antlers. Bruce has plastic eyes and a handsome goatee under his chin. Giant 20" size is perfect for big hugs and snuggling up for story time!

Sold in packs of 2

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Great Big Moose-Camp Cricket-SKU: 104475 - Bunnies By The Bay
104475: Great Big Bruce the Moose Sale price$92.95